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Combining Operational and Analytical Big Data Using Couchbase and Spark: A Market Basket Analysis Example

Couchbase is emerging as a platform of choice in the Enterprise NoSQL market. Couchbase is engineered for handling the operational aspects of big data. However, the platform is continually being enhanced to support integration with related technologies that can address the analytical aspects of big data, and that integration offers disruptive solutions capability to organizations. This post will examine one such integration: the integration of Couchbase with Spark. Couchbase has made integrating with their platform extremely easy with a variety of SDK’s and connectors to many languages and external systems. Among them is the Couchbase Spark Connector, an integration tool to make reading and writing Couchbase data from Spark simple. Spark is a cluster computing platform that provides a fast and efficient way to crunch data. Spark is a general-purpose computational tool that sports a wide array of features to make data processing easier including Spark SQL, MLlib, and Spark … [Read More...]

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On Consulting

As an IT Consultant, I wear many different hats from project to project - from Project Manager to Architect to System Developer to Subject Matter Expert and so on.  No matter which role, I encourage my clients to think about options.  Options are a critical … [Read More...]

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Annotating Javascript

Anyone who has written code knows that documenting code is important. They also know that it is a pain in the butt, is difficult to do well, and in most cases the comments that are added inline to code are more along the lines of: // I have more work I need … [Read More...]


Querying JSON with N1QL – Couchbase Reimagines SQL

A traditional relational database makes use of an encoding strategy laying out tables, each of which has a particular known schema, and then uses the Structured Query Language (SQL) to find specific matching values within the various tables, using principles … [Read More...]

Robot from The Terminator

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

Artificial intelligence - and the potential that such intelligence could be a danger to humanity - has been a staple of literary and cinematic horror for decades. Fritz Lang's Metropolis (1927) featured a robot disguised as a young woman, who ended up toppling … [Read More...]


Data Science and the Open World Assumption

A funny thing happened in the last few years. We began to lose the Closed World Assumption. Now I can understand that this is not exactly huge, earth-shattering news; most people do not in fact realize that they've been using the Closed World Assumption to … [Read More...]


From Data to Wisdom

Much is made today of the possible wisdom to be gleaned from a wealth of available data. I am one of those who, through experience, believe this to be true. However, there are a couple steps necessary to achieve wisdom from data. Knowledge from information … [Read More...]