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DevOps Culture

On a recent call to discuss our DevOps services, one of our executives asked for a clear definition of the term "DevOps".  So I thought I'd write down a few of my thoughts here in the interest of sharing. First, it’s easier to describe what DevOps is not.  DevOps is not a tool or a set of tools.  It’s not a methodology or even a process.  It’s not something that just happens.  And it’s not just a buzzword. DevOps is a mindset more than anything else.  DevOps is something an organization (not an individual) adopts and grows a culture around.  Many organizations will implement Continuous Integration (usually with a set of tools) and believe that they are implementing DevOps.  But they are only partially right.  This is a good first step to a DevOps culture, but it’s a lot more than that. A successful DevOps end-state (if such a thing even exists) centers around the concept that applications, software, infrastructure, middleware, datastores and networks are all mutable.  In fact, … [Read More...]

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Implementing a Rights Expression Language

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Introducing Four Rights Expression Languages: ccREL, PLUS, MPEG 21/5 and ODRL

This is the second in a series of posts about managing digital asset rights and permissions. The first post in the series examines underlying rights concepts. The next post outlines the steps enterprises should take to implement a rights expression language. … [Read More...]

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Managing Digital Asset Rights and Permissions

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Why we need Content Models

    Introduction: One of the big challenges we face as part of managing web content is to keep up with capturing and maintaining the content’s underlying framework rules and logic in a place where it can be accessed by everyone. We are … [Read More...]

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Solving the Problems of Enterprise Search

Organizations generally recognize that an enterprise-wide search platform can benefit employee and staff productivity by making the full digital knowledge of the enterprise available. Sadly, the reality of broad search and findability initiatives often falls … [Read More...]


Purchase Transaction Alerting with Couchbase and Kafka

During my experience with Couchbase, I have found a number of useful integration points to enhance its capabilities. One example is Apache Kafka. Kafka is a global commit log messaging service that has recently gained popularity as a distributed tool to … [Read More...]