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On Demand Recommendations with N1QL

Last month I posted a Market Basket Analysis example using Couchbase and Spark: Combining Operational and Analytical Big Data Using Couchbase and Spark: A Market Basket Analysis Example. I used Couchbase as an operational data store for market basket data, transported the data using the Couchbase Spark Connector, then did the MBA in Spark. It was a batch approach that updated a list of recommendations for all of our products all at once. With the imminent GA release of Couchbase 4.0, I thought I would revisit this example with features available in the new release. There will be many new features in Couchbase 4.0 including the GA release of N1QL. N1QL has been available in an experimental fashion, but it will become available out of the box with Couchbase 4.0. Why use N1QL? Because taking advantage of this new query language will allow us to construct our product recommendations in an on-demand fashion using real-time data as opposed to batch data. You can find the code for this … [Read More...]

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Combining Operational and Analytical Big Data Using Couchbase and Spark: A Market Basket Analysis Example

Couchbase is emerging as a platform of choice in the Enterprise NoSQL market. Couchbase is engineered for handling the operational aspects of big data. However, the platform is continually being enhanced to support integration with related technologies that … [Read More...]

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Annotating Javascript

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Querying JSON with N1QL – Couchbase Reimagines SQL

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Robot from The Terminator

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

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