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Apache Zeppelin (incubating) Solr JDBC

Apache Solr JDBC Introduction

In my first post, I detailed the history that led up to my working on the Apache Solr JDBC driver and becoming an Apache Lucene/Solr committer. This post will describe the Solr JDBC driver and its usage. The next few posts in the series will be detailed guides on how to use the Solr JDBC driver with SQL clients and database visualization tools. Overview The first reference I could find of Apache Solr and JDBC dates back to 2008 with SOLR-373. Even though it took almost 8 years, the Solr JDBC driver is a new feature of Solr 6 that enables JDBC connectivity to a Solr Cloud cluster. By opening Solr up to SQL queries, this enables more developers to access the power of a full text search engine for analytics without learning a new query language. JDBC opens up not only Java applications to query Solr with SQL, but also a variety of business intelligence (BI) tools. The Solr JDBC driver builds on Solr Parallel SQL that was introduced by Joel Bernstein in SOLR-7560 and included the … [Read More...]

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My Journey to Apache Lucene/Solr Committer

Introduction I joined Avalon Consulting, LLC a little over three years ago. I’ve wanted to write a reflection of my time here and becoming a Apache Lucene/Solr committer was a great catalyst for that. My time at Avalon has been a whirlwind of technologies and … [Read More...]


One search to rule them all

Lucene was ‘born’ in 1999, created by Doug Cutting; and in 2005, it became a top-level Apache project. That year, Gartner Group announced that the search ‘Leaders’ platforms on their Enterprise Search Magic Quadrant included Autonomy, FAST, Endeca, IBM … [Read More...]


Addressing the Agile Deployment Impedance Mismatch

Organizations have now spent years moving to agile development.  In many ways, that has been a positive movement.  Anything that focuses on delivering the highest priority items first is a good thing.  And having something ready to deploy at the end of each … [Read More...]


DevOps Culture

On a recent call to discuss our DevOps services, one of our executives asked for a clear definition of the term "DevOps".  So I thought I'd write down a few of my thoughts here in the interest of sharing. First, it’s easier to describe what DevOps is not. … [Read More...]

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Implementing a Rights Expression Language

This is the third and last in a series of posts about managing digital asset rights and permissions. The first post in the series examines underlying rights concepts, while the second introduces four rights expression languages. These posts are based on Demian … [Read More...]

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Introducing Four Rights Expression Languages: ccREL, PLUS, MPEG 21/5 and ODRL

This is the second in a series of posts about managing digital asset rights and permissions. The first post in the series examines underlying rights concepts. The next post outlines the steps enterprises should take to implement a rights expression language. … [Read More...]