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Why we need Content Models

    Introduction: One of the big challenges we face as part of managing web content is to keep up with capturing and maintaining the content’s underlying framework rules and logic in a place where it can be accessed by everyone. We are not talking about documenting the various business logic validations that occur on a webpage but rather how different components interact and come together to display a page. Let me illustrate this issue with a simple example. Let’s say we have an office supplies merchandizing website. So what do we have here from a content management perspective? Let us take a look at the list below: a) Website content. Source: Web Content Management System, henceforth referred to as WCMS in this article b) Labels and drop down static values. Source: WCMS c) Payment and shopping cart content. Source: either WCMS and/or different system d) Customer loyalty program content. Source: WCMS, managed by different teams; rules might originate in … [Read More...]

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Solving the Problems of Enterprise Search

Organizations generally recognize that an enterprise-wide search platform can benefit employee and staff productivity by making the full digital knowledge of the enterprise available. Sadly, the reality of broad search and findability initiatives often falls … [Read More...]


Purchase Transaction Alerting with Couchbase and Kafka

During my experience with Couchbase, I have found a number of useful integration points to enhance its capabilities. One example is Apache Kafka. Kafka is a global commit log messaging service that has recently gained popularity as a distributed tool to … [Read More...]

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On Demand Recommendations with N1QL

Last month I posted a Market Basket Analysis example using Couchbase and Spark: Combining Operational and Analytical Big Data Using Couchbase and Spark: A Market Basket Analysis Example. I used Couchbase as an operational data store for market basket data, … [Read More...]


Modernizing the Online HR System

In the mid-1990s, one of my first assignments as an IT Consultant was to build an online HR system.  The client wanted an extranet portal system enabling searching capabilities on personnel by departments or names or location, accessible to partners as well as … [Read More...]


Combining Operational and Analytical Big Data Using Couchbase and Spark: A Market Basket Analysis Example

Couchbase is emerging as a platform of choice in the Enterprise NoSQL market. Couchbase is engineered for handling the operational aspects of big data. However, the platform is continually being enhanced to support integration with related technologies that … [Read More...]

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On Consulting

As an IT Consultant, I wear many different hats from project to project - from Project Manager to Architect to System Developer to Subject Matter Expert and so on.  No matter which role, I encourage my clients to think about options.  Options are a critical … [Read More...]