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Migrating to a new Web Content Management System

Over the last two years I’ve noticed several clients starting projects to migrate to new web content management systems (CMS). The maturity of enterprise CMS systems has steadily advanced with automated features and benefits. The time necessary for designing new web pages and publishing them has shortened, and most importantly, the development cycle has diminished or even been eliminated. Many modern CMS systems include built-in Mobile and Tablet support and many have advanced links to other analytical data that enables measurements on the impact of web assets in connection with social media. These new CMS systems help companies quickly make adjustments to content and design. For these reasons, it is not surprising that many organizations are investing in upgrading or migrating to newer systems. My work as an IT consultant has included numerous CMS and Analytic web portal application development projects since the 1990s. The systems I build are based upon existing systems, which … [Read More...]

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Ontology for Fun and Profit

The IT sector is notable for coming up with unique job titles - from the various C permutations - CIO, CTO, CDO, etc. - to Test Wranglers, Scrum Masters and UX Designers. One that you're likely to start hearing more about is the title of Ontologist. While … [Read More...]

Data Governance in the World of Big Data

The Gartner Group recently published a study that stated: “… by 2017, 33 percent of Fortune 100 organizations will experience an information crisis, due to their inability to effectively value, govern and trust their enterprise information.”–Gartner Press … [Read More...]


From XQuery to JavaScript – MarkLogic’s Bold Platform Play

San Francisco Airport would seem an odd place to change the world, though no doubt it's been the hub of any number of game changers over the years, but the MarkLogic World conference in San Francisco, held at the Waterfront Marriott just south of the iconic … [Read More...]

Want Answers to your Analytic Question Space? Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

In my last blog, I talked about Analytics Question Space. In this one I want to expand upon this concept and look at how to make your Analytics Question Space part of the business analytics process. One big reason that Big Data hasn’t been adopted more … [Read More...]

Through a Glass Darkly: Technology Trends for 2014

Every year, when possible, I spend the last couple of weeks of the year reflecting back at the period just past and try to pick out what trends I see as being most significant to me. This is not intended as a gee-whiz list so much as a chance to prioritize … [Read More...]