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Why DAM is a growth industry

This statistic from this press release by a market research group caught my attention last week: investment in digital asset management (DAM) is expected to grow from $1.16 billion in 2014 to $4.12 billion by 2019. That’s a growth rate of more than 28% per year. As the Director of DAM for a consulting company, I work with clients across multiple sectors and have definitely seen an upsurge in projects to manage and derive value from digital assets. Enterprises are investing in DAM because videos, images, and other digital assets are now integral to the way they do business. Marketing departments in any industry communicate their brand through photos, art and video. Everyone from manufacturers to the military creates training videos for internal and external users. Even law enforcement has become a major producer of digital assets, with Taser manufacturing body-cams for police officers across the country. And how do police departments keep track of all that video? Taser also offers a … [Read More...]

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Direction Uncertainty

Chaos and Confusion

I have worked as an IT consultant for nearly 20 years and at the beginning of my career a mentor said to me “Chaos and Confusion is the environment we work in”.  Our job is to bring sane practical perspectives to address the hype surrounding new IT tools and … [Read More...]

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Getting Started with Giraph

Apache Hadoop's core analytical tools (e.g. MapReduce, Hive, Pig) are great for performing batch analytics over large, unstructured data sets.  However, a myriad of data sets are comprised of a more graph-like structure. Examples of such data sets … [Read More...]


MarkLogic Gets JavaScript

Six months ago, I was down at the MarkLogic World San Francisco conference just south of SFO, listening to the opening speeches. I was there primarily to hear more about what would end up being in the second phase of their Semantics offering, when a mention … [Read More...]

Flexible Metadata

DAM and Flexible Data Models Using Document Databases

In my last post, I demonstrated a "flexible" way to store digital asset metadata inside a relational database. The results were not perfect. Relational databases require a strict data schema so that all information fits into pre-defined two-dimensional tables. … [Read More...]

HDP 2.2 Components

Hadoop Ecosystem Cheat Sheet

For someone evaluating Hadoop, the considerably large list of components in the Hadoop ecosystem can be overwhelming.  Below you’ll find a reference table with keywords you may have heard in discussions concerning Hadoop as well as a brief description. Image … [Read More...]