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Royalty-Free Digital Assets — Not As Free As You Might Think

When you need an image from a stock photo house, you have the choice of selecting rights managed or royalty free assets. Rights-managed licenses have strict terms and conditions to ensure that assets are not over used in a specific industry, channel, or region (imagine, for example, the problems that would arise if two competing companies used the same image of smiling customers in an advertisement at the same time). If you don't need such a high level of exclusivity, you can opt for royalty-free images. These assets don't have complex usage rights and so you are able to use them much more freely. However, if you take the time to download and read the licenses that come with your royalty-free assets, you’ll discover that royalty-free is not as free as you might think. If you are responsible for managing digital assets, one important restriction you should be aware of is that many royalty-free images cannot be stored in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.  Shutterstock’s … [Read More...]

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