Realtime Push with MarkLogic and Node.js via Websockets

MarkLogic has an awesome alerting feature that enables you to trigger an event when new or updated database content matches certain criteria. Once a rule’s criteria is met, an action is triggered that executes an arbitrary XQuery module. You can send an email, an SMS message, perhaps place a phone call with the Twillio API, […]

Installing MarkLogic on an EC2 Micro Instance – Free for 1 year!


Perhaps you’ve heard about Amazon EC2’s new promotion, the AWS Free Usage Tier. New AWS customers can run a Linux Micro instance free for 1 year. Micro Instances consist of 613 MB of memory, up to 2 ECUs (for short periodic bursts), EBS storage only, 32-bit or 64-bit platform. Earlier this year MarkLogic announced support […]

My First Experience with Amazon EC2

A client needed a prototype server that was low cost, had potential to scale, and whose management could easily be transferred. We needed a single linux-based server that we could turn on and off for security and to control cost. Amazon’s EC2 service fit the bill well, so we set up an account and I […]

Yes, Faceted Search for Mobile is Possible

Faceted Search is recognized as a powerful search experience enhancement, easy enough for even novice users to filter large result sets.  As I’ve seen the increasing importance of mobile computing, I’ve struggled with how to fit facets on smaller mobile screens.  You see, facets usually belong on the left of search results, but I simply […]