Massive Performance Gains and Cost Savings using Hadoop

Tony Jewitt, our VP of Big Data, challenged me to impress him with an example of the power of emerging technology in solving real world Big Data problems.  I needed a large dataset with a complicated processing requirement to do that and decided to extract witness information from Senate and House hearings for the past […]

Content Management — There’s an app for that!!

I have been working in Content Management for over 10 years and been involved in over 30 content management projects.  Sadly, I have never found a customer that was truly happy with their Content Management System (CMS).  Most customers figure out how to work with the system they have and adjust their processes accordingly.  Content […]

Is MarkLogic a Search Engine?

I am frequently asked if MarkLogic is really a search engine.  It is easy to debate whether MarkLogic fits the classic definition of a search engine.  In my opinion, this is the wrong question.  The question you should be asking is “Does MarkLogic enable great search experiences?”  The answer is undeniably Yes. MarkLogic comes with all […]

On the Semantics of Search

I’ve always been taken by the term Information Management. As with so many phrases in the computer lexicon, this is one that has become both very specialized – focusing primarily upon the various and sundry database applications that a given organization uses – and rather vague. Vendors seize upon this vagueness by claiming that their […]