Building Dynamic BBCode Into Your XML Blogs

I love XML. Sometimes, however, there are times where XML can become rather cumbersome to work with – for instance, try writing a book sometimes on HTML and SVG using DocBook (something I’m currently undertaking for O’Reilly Press). The amount of times that you have to work with < content in this context can easily […]

Elegant “contentEditable” Solution for XML

If you’ve ever wanted to do WYSIWYG editing of XML in a browser, I think you’re going to like the elegant solution I stumbled across.  The idea actually culminated from reading Kurt Cagle’s excitement around XQuery in the Browser, and my desire to create a MLUC DemoJam entry that could excite publishers about my latest […]

Hello, World

Kurt Cagle

“Hello … Hello? Is this thing on? Testing … 1 2 3 …” Joining a company is always an interesting experience, one that I find tends to change somewhat as I get older, but that nonetheless has a very definite pattern to it. First comes the dating process – perhaps you already have a steady […]