Semantics + Search : MarkLogic 7 Gets RDF


Let’s talk Org Charts for a moment. Everyone knows what an org chart looks like. At the top you have the boss guy, Mr. Bigg, CEO of Bigg Business, Inc.   At the second tier, you have his lieutenants, the guys that head up the various functions within the organization (flipping to show relationships more […]

Solr in Gartner’s Enterprise Search Quadrant


I just finished reading Gartner’s 2013  “ Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search”. I felt compelled to share some differences from their opinion about Solr Search Engines like LucidWorks Search based on my direct experience and knowledge. I was very surprised when I didn’t find any of the “flavors” of Solr Search Engines in the leaders […]

Is It Really Big Data?


Just because you have a lot of data doesn’t automatically mean that you are dealing with Big Data. This came to mind recently when I was building a digital asset management system and was asked to talk about my “Big Data” project. The term didn’t seem to fit, but at first I wasn’t sure why. […]

Getting Started with Hadoop


Avalon is successfully helping a number of our clients derive business benefit from Hadoop.  And in that process, we see a very common problem:  many of the great developers and architects we encounter just don’t know where to start in terms of getting that base level of technical knowledge in Hadoop.  And they’re too busy […]