The Promise of Big Data is More Than Big Throughput

There are good reasons for the buzz behind “Big Data” and the promise it offers for business, government, etc.  We hear about the importance of data-driven decisions and how they can deliver exponential improvements in business performance.  But along the path to this better place some are distracted by the simplistic label “Big Data” and […]

Metadata Management – Semantics for Big Data?

Over the course of the last six months, I’ve been fairly heavily involved in the realm of Metadata Management. Never heard of it? You will. Chances are, somewhere in your organization, there’s a room or two filled with media – pictures, sound files, audio files, software, as well as paper and electronic versions of contracts, […]

Want More Value from Analytics? Ask the Right Questions.

When it comes to analytics, if you don’t get the questions right the answers may not matter. Bad or ill formulated question sets (or as we will call them in this blog, “Analytics Question Space™”) lead to answers that are far less usable then they should be. Just like the joke about the Genie and […]

Using HTML in a Publishing Workflow Instead of XML

Many publishers have struggled to implement agile workflows that will enable them to quickly create new publications for print and digital channels. Conventional wisdom maintains that the best workflows should be based on XML so that content can be created once and then transformed and distributed in multiple formats. Unfortunately, the expense of implementing XML systems is generally high and authors have often resisted working inside XML editors, preferring the freedom of word processing applications.