Taxonomies, Content Management and Governance

Good governance is on everyone’s minds these days.  It’s a concern that extends well beyond the Washington Beltway.  As applied to managing your enterprise content, including taxonomies, it is not just an abstraction. Good governance drives the overall performance of your content program, including: –How easy it is for users to find information –How users […]

Taxonomies and Content Management

My formal introduction to Vignette Content Management began with this statement:  “Vignette has three hierarchical organizations for content.”   Put another way, you need three taxonomies to make Vignette work its best. So what does that mean?  One definition of taxonomy is: “A defined hierarchy of categories; a tree-like structure of terminology that defines how […]

Managing Content Management

“Make content owners responsible for their content.” That’s long been the mantra of web content management. IT departments and business units have embraced the concept. Highly-evolved enterprise content management systems (ECMS) have been designed so that content owners can manage their own content…