Want Answers to your Analytic Question Space? Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

In my last blog, I talked about Analytics Question Space. In this one I want to expand upon this concept and look at how to make your Analytics Question Space part of the business analytics process. One big reason that Big Data hasn’t been adopted more quickly and effectively is that business people have been […]

Through a Glass Darkly: Technology Trends for 2014

Every year, when possible, I spend the last couple of weeks of the year reflecting back at the period just past and try to pick out what trends I see as being most significant to me. This is not intended as a gee-whiz list so much as a chance to prioritize those technologies, organizations and […]

Want More Value from Analytics? Ask the Right Questions.

When it comes to analytics, if you don’t get the questions right the answers may not matter. Bad or ill formulated question sets (or as we will call them in this blog, “Analytics Question Space™”) lead to answers that are far less usable then they should be. Just like the joke about the Genie and […]

Why Big Data Will Make Semantics Feasible … and Semantics Will Make Big Data Worthwhile

You’ve invested the money into a Hadoop stack, from Hortonworks or Cloudera or any of a half dozen other Hadoop solutions providers, trained up your Java developers, set up HBase and HFS, set up the requisite parallel process pipelines and worked up the algorithms, and now you have a potent grid computing system. You run […]