Using HTML in a Publishing Workflow Instead of XML

Many publishers have struggled to implement agile workflows that will enable them to quickly create new publications for print and digital channels. Conventional wisdom maintains that the best workflows should be based on XML so that content can be created once and then transformed and distributed in multiple formats. Unfortunately, the expense of implementing XML systems is generally high and authors have often resisted working inside XML editors, preferring the freedom of word processing applications.

Reclaim Your Content

Organizations have an ever increasing volume of content.  These documents represent the collective knowledge base for the company.  The goal for us should be to make better use of our knowledge base by distributing this knowledge to our employees and allowing them to be more productive because of it.  Enter the Content Management System (CMS). […]

Semantic Enrichment


What is this article about? This paragraph? This phrase? A common thread that we see with publishers concerns the task of making the content of an article, chapter or blog post understandable not just to a human being, but to a computer. This process, known as content enrichment, involves adding enough annotative metadata to a […]