Elegant “contentEditable” Solution for XML

If you’ve ever wanted to do WYSIWYG editing of XML in a browser, I think you’re going to like the elegant solution I stumbled across.  The idea actually culminated from reading Kurt Cagle’s excitement around XQuery in the Browser, and my desire to create a MLUC DemoJam entry that could excite publishers about my latest […]

MarkLogic? A “NoSQL” Database? YES!


The NoSQL movement had been garnering a lot of attention recently. It’s a trend largely facilitated by the changing demands of the transactional web. Today, the web is bidirectional and much more content oriented than it was in years past. The amount of user generated content has increased exponentially and relational databases are not tailored […]

Solr in 5 Minutes at Denver Open Source Users Group


Tomorrow night (Feb 2) I’m excited to participate in the Denver Open Source Users Group’s (DOSUG) first “Lightning Talk” night where I will be presenting an overview of Solr, a leading open-source enterprise search engine. The event is an O’Reilly Ignite style event.  There will be 14+ short 5-minute presentations on various topics. If you’re in […]

Managing Content Management

“Make content owners responsible for their content.” That’s long been the mantra of web content management. IT departments and business units have embraced the concept. Highly-evolved enterprise content management systems (ECMS) have been designed so that content owners can manage their own content…