Why Big Data Will Make Semantics Feasible … and Semantics Will Make Big Data Worthwhile

You’ve invested the money into a Hadoop stack, from Hortonworks or Cloudera or any of a half dozen other Hadoop solutions providers, trained up your Java developers, set up HBase and HFS, set up the requisite parallel process pipelines and worked up the algorithms, and now you have a potent grid computing system. You run […]

Semantics + Search : MarkLogic 7 Gets RDF


Let’s talk Org Charts for a moment. Everyone knows what an org chart looks like. At the top you have the boss guy, Mr. Bigg, CEO of Bigg Business, Inc.   At the second tier, you have his lieutenants, the guys that head up the various functions within the organization (flipping to show relationships more […]

Semantics and Airline Flight

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 5.44.07 PM

Airline Routing Maps (courtesy United Airlines) A question that I’m frequently asked about Semantic Web technology is how is this different from any other data storage or query approach? In general, data storage strategies are built less around data access speeds – in most cases the speeds are comparable – but in optimizing the storage to […]

Why JavaScript is the Future of Enterprise Computing


Once upon a time – okay, about 1996 or so – there was a race for dominance of this new thing called the World Wide Web. On one side was Microsoft, having firmly staked its ground a few years before with the introduction of Windows 3.0. On the other side was a little startup called […]