Turning Big Data into Smart Data

The trade IT press has recently begun to apply the label Big Data to specific technologies, most notably Hadoop, as if this was some kind of feature. Yet this approach is somewhat simplistic (as is the term itself) because Big Data isn’t a product – it’s a problem. It’s one reason why I tend to […]

What is next in Enterprise Search

Mashable just published an interesting article about Googles latest advancements in search.  The article, Google Knowledge Graph Could Change Search Forever, describes a “developing vision for search that takes it beyond mere words and into the world of entities, attributes and the relationship between those entities.” Google is building a huge knowledge base describing entities, […]

On the Semantics of Search

I’ve always been taken by the term Information Management. As with so many phrases in the computer lexicon, this is one that has become both very specialized – focusing primarily upon the various and sundry database applications that a given organization uses – and rather vague. Vendors seize upon this vagueness by claiming that their […]

How to explain MarkLogic to someone (is it a floor wax or is it a dessert topping?)

It is no secret we here at Avalon are enamored with MarkLogic technology. Our consultants have regular discussions that involve topics like the best way to use Java code with XQuery or how to integrate HTML5 with WebSockets to create a multi-publisher capability for MarkLogic (and no, we do not use pocket-protectors or wear hats […]