MarkLogic Gets JavaScript


Six months ago, I was down at the MarkLogic World San Francisco conference just south of SFO, listening to the opening speeches. I was there primarily to hear more about what would end up being in the second phase of their Semantics offering, when a mention was made about V8 integration. Now V8 in this […]

Is this the start of e-Textbooks?

“Is this the start of e-textbooks?” It was 2006 and I was in a production meeting with the head of our college textbooks division. She had just passed around the new Sony ebook reader and we were trying to decide if this was the device that would start the transition from print to electronic textbooks. […]

A Secret Cure to Brain Freeze

A training development model will provide you and your training team with a step-by-step process that will help you design training quickly. It has a defined starting and ending, point giving you clear direction so you can avoid brain freeze. . .

e-Learning Part 2: Getting on the Right Track with Upfront Needs Analysis

In my last post, I discussed the steps an organization should take to begin identifying the type of e-Learning program they need. Once you have determined the type of training that is right for your organization, you can begin to analyze your content further to understand the level of repurposing necessary for an effective e-Learning initiative…