Semantic Enrichment


What is this article about? This paragraph? This phrase? A common thread that we see with publishers concerns the task of making the content of an article, chapter or blog post understandable not just to a human being, but to a computer. This process, known as content enrichment, involves adding enough annotative metadata to a […]

Going Functional


Local functions, like the map, concat and bang operators, originally appeared in MarkLogic 6, but even when working heavily with the technology, it is easy to miss the memo that they were released. If you are familiar with JavaScript, local functions should make perfect sense, but from other languages, local functions (and functions as arguments) […]

Maps, JSON and Sparql – A Peek Under the Hood of MarkLogic 7.0


Blogging while attempting to run a full time consulting job can be frustrating – you get several weeks of one article a week with some serious momentum, then life comes along and you’re pulling sixty hour weeks and your dreams begin to resemble IDE screens. I’ve been dealing with both personal tragedies – my mother […]

Semantics + Search : MarkLogic 7 Gets RDF


Let’s talk Org Charts for a moment. Everyone knows what an org chart looks like. At the top you have the boss guy, Mr. Bigg, CEO of Bigg Business, Inc.   At the second tier, you have his lieutenants, the guys that head up the various functions within the organization (flipping to show relationships more […]