Elegant “contentEditable” Solution for XML

If you’ve ever wanted to do WYSIWYG editing of XML in a browser, I think you’re going to like the elegant solution I stumbled across.  The idea actually culminated from reading Kurt Cagle’s excitement around XQuery in the Browser, and my desire to create a MLUC DemoJam entry that could excite publishers about my latest passion, HTML5.  At first I thought XQuery in the Browser opened a new possibility to do simple browser-based WYSIWYG editing, but as I dug into it I found it was much simpler to do the XSLT in MarkLogic, with granular pointers attached to each editable XML node.  This solution allows me to very simply and efficiently:

  • Render XML to final HTML using existing XSLT
    • only minor modifications are required to add “sourcePath” attributes to the HTML
    • MarkLogic’s xdmp:path function makes it simple to get precise paths to the source XML content
  • Allow WYSIWYG editing of the XML directly from the browser
    • HTML5’s contentEditable attribute makes this simple
  • Use very efficient AJAX calls for immediate update to the source XML document
    • MarkLogic’s xdmp:node-replace allows pin-point updates of only the changed node

All this in less than 100 lines of code!  The video below does better justice to what I’m talking about:

Please note that I’m not trying to demo a full-featured editor here.  This is just a proof of concept.  Obviously many features need to be added before this is usable.  Nevertheless, this simple demo shows an approach that could enable many highly usable solutions for publishers.

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  1. How do you handle attributes of the xml tags? If you want to make the attributes also editable via html.

  2. Sam Mefford Sam Mefford says:

    Hello Simon, sorry for the delay. We’re trying to add captcha to the blog to deal with spam, so I can see real comments like yours faster.

    While this solution doesn’t yet address attributes, I envisioned a set of menu options that would appear on right-click, similar to google docs. From there we could allow the user to edit attributes, add or remove elements, change the element name, etc.

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