Taxonomies, Content Management and Governance

Good governance is on everyone’s minds these days.  It’s a concern that extends well beyond the Washington Beltway.  As applied to managing your enterprise content, including taxonomies, it is not just an abstraction.

Good governance drives the overall performance of your content program, including:

How easy it is for users to find information
How users look for information
How users store and retrieve information
How to clean up redundant content
What metadata is available
What templates are used
The need for a well-planned and well-run governance program will only increase.  The growth of unstructured information, demands for greater efficiency and cost savings, and privacy concerns are all motivations.

Are you wondering how to set up a governance program?  Are you questioning whether your existing content governance is right?  Avalon and our partner PPC are sponsoring a free webinar series that will help you Cultivate Content Management Success through Planned, Managed, and Implemented Taxonomies. For more information and to register, click here.

Niels Nielsen About Niels Nielsen

Niels believes that Information Technology is as much about information as it is about technology. Before becoming an IT consultant, Niels had a first career in publishing and draws on that experience to help clients use information and technology to meet their enduring enterprise needs: make decisions, teach, learn, ensure compliance, satisfy customers’ needs, increase productivity, improve quality, and so forth. As a Washington DC-based Practice Manager, Niels applies these beliefs for clients in government, non-profit, telecommunications, hospitality, media, and other industries.

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