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My previous post in my Apache Solr JDBC blog series showed how to connect DbVisualizer to Apache Solr. This post highlights how to connect SQuirrel SQL to Solr using the JDBC driver. SQuirrel SQL is a Java-based database query and management tool. The step by step guide below contains screenshots showing how to add the Solr JDBC driver, add an alias for Solr, connect to Solr, and then perform some SQL queries over Solr. This post corresponds to the Apache Solr JIRA SOLR-8825 and Apache Solr Reference Guide page on Parallel SQL.

Add Solr JDBC Driver

Open Drivers


Add Driver


Name the Driver


Add Solr JDBC jars to Classpath

squirrelsql_solrjdbc_4 squirrelsql_solrjdbc_5 squirrelsql_solrjdbc_6 squirrelsql_solrjdbc_7 squirrelsql_solrjdbc_8 squirrelsql_solrjdbc_9

Add the Solr JDBC driver class name


Create an Alias

Open Aliases


Add an Alias


Configure the Alias


Connect to the Alias




What is next?

My next post will highlight how to connect Apache Zeppelin (incubating) to Apache Solr using the JDBC driver. The official Solr documentation Apache Solr Reference Guide will be updated to include more detail about connection parameters and some information about specific clients. If you have any questions about the Solr JDBC driver or want to help contribute, the Solr website has a section on Community and how to use the solr-user mailing list.

The next post in my series, Apache Solr JDBC – Apache Zeppelin (incubating), is now posted.

And as I’ve stated in my prior posts, myself and my team at Avalon are available to provide expert help with Apache Solr, search on Hadoop (primarily Hortonworks or Cloudera), or general big data projects. If you’ve got an initiative that could use some expertise to guide you down the right path, you can reach us at info <at> avalonconsult.com.  You can also follow our LinkedIn page or sign up to our mail list to be alerted to future installments of my blog series on Apache Solr and the JDBC driver.

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