Solr in Gartner’s Enterprise Search Quadrant

I just finished reading Gartner’s 2013  “ Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search”. I felt compelled to share some differences from their opinion about Solr Search Engines like LucidWorks Search based on my direct experience and knowledge. I was very surprised when I didn’t find any of the “flavors” of Solr Search Engines in the leaders quadrant. The latest version of Solr 4, which was recently released and is now part of LucidWorks latest release, has a huge potential of capabilities which goes above and beyond the basic enterprise search needs like full text search, faceted search, geospatial search, scalability and distributed search and indexing. There is an industry trend in which we are seeing many companies working with larger data volumes and thus moving away from Enterprise Search tools which are licensed based on data volume or number of CPUs. Also based upon my own experience I have seen a growing number of large companies opting for Solr as the core search engine across many of their projects.

With the latest Solr 4 release, there are some really nice additional features which are at par or above some of the other leaders in the quadrant which include:


  1. Cloud Scalability
  2. Near Real Time Queries Support
  3. Integration with Apache Zookeeper for distributed coordination
  4. Pivot Faceting
  5. Pseudo-fields
  6. Pseudo-Join Functionality
  7. Relevancy Functions


Some of the NoSQL features now part of the Solr 4 are…


  1. Real-time Get
  2. Versioning and Optimistic Locking
  3. Atomic updates


Some of these features are cutting edge and exceed basic Search functionalities; for example, Solr Cloud on both the searching and indexing side. Solr cloud gives us a high cloud Scalability, fault tolerant cluster of Solr servers. It’s a distributed indexing and search capability model. Solr 4 is now also being used not only as a Search Engine but  in place of a NoSQL database and for running Analytics and Visualizations on top of the search results in Big Data Applications. With this need for more features in an Enterprise  Search Engine we think LucidWorks Big Data Platform is particularly well-suited for such large data processing, indexing and searching. Clearly, there is much more that you can do with Solr as your Enterprise Search engine over and above simple search needs. And by direct comparison to the products Gartner listed in its visionary and leader quadrants, I’m stumped as to why Solr would not be in the leader quadrant. Based on what I see in its feature-function when combined with Gartner’s assessment of LucidWorks’s “ability to execute”, it should be. With the depth of experience in implementation that Avalon has had with Enterprise Search for largescale companies, I would expect the quadrants would look different!  

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