Managing Digital Asset Rights and Permissions

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Digital asset managers must track and act on the rights attached to their assets in order to avoid serious legal penalties for copyright infringement. Many stock photo houses have made a cottage industry out of suing companies for copyright violations, and US law states that the penalty for a single copyright infringement can be as high as […]

Royalty-Free Digital Assets — Not As Free As You Might Think

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When you need an image from a stock photo house, you have the choice of selecting rights managed or royalty free assets. Rights-managed licenses have strict terms and conditions to ensure that assets are not over used in a specific industry, channel, or region (imagine, for example, the problems that would arise if two competing companies used the […]

Digital Rights and the Cost of “Lousy Record Keeping”


Every year, publishers pay millions of dollars in legal fees to settle copyright infringement suits for misusing licensed images and other digital assets. One legal blogger has written extensively about the problem and has noted that, overall, many publishers seem to have “lousy record keeping”. One root cause is that most DAMs don’t allow users to store complex and varied metadata. Semantic technologies can help deal with many of these record keeping problems.