Yes, Faceted Search for Mobile is Possible

Faceted Search is recognized as a powerful search experience enhancement, easy enough for even novice users to filter large result sets.  As I’ve seen the increasing importance of mobile computing, I’ve struggled with how to fit facets on smaller mobile screens.  You see, facets usually belong on the left of search results, but I simply […]

A Wake-up Call: Google, support Faceted Search!

I believe confusion persists about whether Google’s search appliance truly supports faceted search.  First I’ll point out that Google Labs has two projects which claim to add faceted search features to the GSA (more details on those below).  Those projects probably work for some and looked tempting when we first found them, but as we […]

Does Ebay beat Google at its own Game?

I just read a New York Times article recommending we use Google for everything including searching Ebay, and while I can see the reasoning, I can see at least one critical feature Google must add before I can recommend it as the ideal search experience: Faceted Search…