Semantics + Search : MarkLogic 7 Gets RDF


Let’s talk Org Charts for a moment. Everyone knows what an org chart looks like. At the top you have the boss guy, Mr. Bigg, CEO of Bigg Business, Inc.   At the second tier, you have his lieutenants, the guys that head up the various functions within the organization (flipping to show relationships more […]

What is next in Enterprise Search

Mashable just published an interesting article about Googles latest advancements in search.  The article, Google Knowledge Graph Could Change Search Forever, describes a “developing vision for search that takes it beyond mere words and into the world of entities, attributes and the relationship between those entities.” Google is building a huge knowledge base describing entities, […]

Entity Extraction, XQuery the Semantic Web and Johnny Depp

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time dealing with entity extraction software for a client. The premise that most such extraction tools use is fairly similar – by creating an internal pipeline that will break down text into parts of speech and similar constructs, then applying a set of regular expression heuristics, it should […]